CRM and resource planning for after-school childcare programs, daycare centers, schools, and community centers


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Procare is a one-stop solution for childcare management. It offers a slew of tools related to this field that can make life much easier for anyone who is in the childcare business.

Procare draws on its extensive experience: Its website notes that the company manages operations for over 30,000 childcare businesses. This experience shows in many of its product offerings. The services it offers include customer management, tuition payment, check-ins and check-outs, patent engagement, and more.

To be clear, this function clearly offers must more than your standard financial management tools, as it provides users with a variety of options that can actually enrich the lives of the parents in question and make the child care experience much easier. For example, it also comes with afterschool and after care modules that manage registration, management, activities, billing, and more. 

The ease of use of the program for childcare owners and operators is self-evident, with many noting in reviews that the program made their lives and childcare management much easier.

The program is built around the concept of keeping parents and guardians engaged. It has a variety of tools that can automate contact, billing management, reminders, and more. This can not only ensure that family members are happy with their services but help to make the financial management of the program much easier. Furthermore, the parent-engagement app is designed for this explicit purpose, and it contains a variety of customized tools for family members. Again, it's important to realize that this does more than just remind parents about billing. It keeps them happy with your services and engaged with whatever you are trying to do. 

Procare also brags that it is a highly scalable program. This means that it works for small daycares or larger school districts. This makes it an ideal solution, regardless of the size of your organization. It is also worth noting that the pricing of the program will change depending on the size of your organization and what features you want to take advantage of, thus ensuring that the pricing is customized based on your needs. Unfortunately, the website does not offer pricing immediately and requires that you click on a "request pricing" button. This can make obtaining quotes a little more annoying.

Some users did express concerns about the functionality of certain aspects of the program. There were repeated issues mentioned about needing to click out of things and save, and a need was expressed to send group Emails. However, it is worth noting that these issues were relatively minor and that on the whole, the program worked well.


  • Offers a variety of options that can dramatically improve the childcare experience for parents and businesses alike. 
  • Scalable for any business, with prices that reflect the scale.
  • Parent engagement app can keep parents informed about your activities. 
  • Very intuitive use for childcare owners.


  • Website lacks transparency with its pricing options. 
  • Some usability issues that created problems for business operators.
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